About Us

Hello, We're Your New Wealthcare Provider

At KaiPerm Northwest Credit Union, our goal is your financial success. Together we're better. And it shows in everything we do, from Direct Advantage to our many wealthcare plan options.

The KaiPerm Northwest Credit Union Story

KaiPerm Northwest Credit Union was founded on an ordinary Tuesday in 1971, when eight Kaiser Permanente healthcare professionals each put $5 into a small safe. With $40 safely locked away, word spread and more people joined.

Three months later, an extraordinary thing happened. Nearly 500 Kaiser employees joined the new credit union. We had $148,000 in combined savings, and nearly $130,000 of that was lent out to members to buy cars and more. In fact, one of our earliest auto loans was for a Sprint that's still running today.

Over the decades, we continued to grow, never asking how the credit union was doing. Instead we focused on the members. See, we understood, just as we do today, that the members came first. We knew that when members were financially well, so was the credit union.

We admit it's a holistic approach to banking. By caring deeply for each and every member's financial future, we're ensuring the success of the credit union. Perpetually, that enables more members to join and start their wealthcare plan to get ahead financially.

Modern Day Credit Union

Today, KaiPerm Northwest Credit Union members have a branch wherever they go thanks to Virtual Branch and the thousands of surcharge-free ATMs scattered across the country. And for those that want face-to-face interaction, we have a branch on the third floor of the Lloyd District's Kaiser Permanente Building. Find it now.

We look forward to helping you discover your wealthcare plan. And helping you achieve your financial goals, whatever those might be. Welcome to the credit union family.

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