Checking Accounts

KaiPerm Northwest Checking

Do a little research and you'll discover there are only two kinds of checking accounts in the world. Free ones, and those that earn dividends. That's exactly what we offer at KaiPerm. We even offer Visa Debit Cards. With your Debit Card, you can make purchases right from your checking account without writing a check. And it's good anywhere Visa is accepted.

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Direct Advantage makes these accounts even better. With Direct Advantage, you'll get a long list of freebies like Virtual Branch (Online Banking and Bill Pay) and Connexus phone banking.

Direct Deposit

Welcome to the 21st Century. Nowadays, nobody waits in line to cash a paycheck. Your KaiPerm membership will take care of it for you. If you're a Kaiser Permanente employee, click here to set up direct deposit today. If you don't work for Kaiser, you can still set up direct deposit. Simply give the KaiPerm routing number (323-07-5356) to your payroll department. They'll have your paycheck routed right to your account.

Direct Advantage (Free) Checking

KaiPerm Direct Advantage accounts are totally free, which includes unlimited check writing and more. You can even get a free Visa Debit Card when you open a Direct Advantage membership. See today's checking rates and fees.

  • Unlimited check writing
  • Free Visa Debit Card (with Direct Advantage)

Dividend Checking

Earn dividends and avoid the $4 monthly fee with a daily balance of at least $500. Of course, the dividends you earn with this account aren't nearly as good as our other savings options. But if you can maintain the $500 balance, it's good to get some return on your money while you wait to spend it. Learn how this account can fit into your wealthcare plan. See today's checking rates and fees.

  • No monthly fees with $500 balance


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