Visa Credit Cards

KaiPerm Plastic Options

There's nothing more convenient than a KaiPerm Northwest Credit Union Visa Credit Card. Add in our competitive fixed rates and no annual fee with Direct Advantage, and you've found a great card to carry in your wallet.

Qualify and we'll give you a set credit limit and yet another reason to love your KaiPerm Northwest Credit Union membership. Complete the balance transfer form and allow us to transfer your higher rate visa balances to your KaiPerm Credit Card. There is no balance transfer fee and transferred balances get the same low fixed rate as purchases. Call us at 503-813-3242 (toll free 866-813-3242) or stop by the branch or apply on line.

Now You're Verified By Visa

Now all KaiPerm Northwest Credit Union Visa Cards and Debit Cards are Verified by Visa. That means anytime you're online you can further protect your credit and identity by establishing a username and password for your card. All you have to do is register your Visa Credit Card or Debit Card.


Visa Credit Card Rates & Fees
Visa Credit Card Agreement

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