Financial Health

Healthy Finances For A Happier Life

When it comes to financial health, the basic answer is savings. Every member's savings allows you and other members to borrow money to buy the things you need today and get ahead financially. But in order to maintain financial stability, you need a budget, a plan and the right insurance just in case.

Credit & Debt click here

Learn more about credit, debt and more.

Budgeting & Planning click here

Start a budget and make a plan. 

Why Is Insurance Important?  click here

Some quick answers about insurance and why we all need more of it.

"I'm a charter member. I was there when the credit union came into being. And I've been using the credit union ever since. We've bought cars, saved for college, even took out a home equity loan when we needed it. It's wonderful to have KaiPerm Northwest Credit Union and the people who run it around whenever you need them." 
                                                           – Rose, Charter member
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