Budgeting & Planning

Thinking About Your Financial Future

Budgets may be easy to establish, but they're also easy to break. Here are a few ways to set and keep to your budget for a happier, healthier wealthcare plan.

Keep Track Of Your Spending

To make an accurate budget, track all of your spending for a month. Notice how much you're spending on your housing, transportation, food (including eating out), entertainment, healthcare, taxes and any other expenses that seem to come up on a monthly basis. Then determine what is essential and what can be eliminated or reduced.

You may be surprised at how much you can save each month by eating out a few times less, going to fewer movies, or carpooling. Visit www.miserlymoms.com for some great ideas on how to better track your spending.

Call Us For Budgeting Advice

Whenever you need help with your budget and planning, just call us at 503-813-3242 (toll free 866-813-3242) or stop by the branch.

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