Just Starting Out

Everyone Starts Somewhere  

When you're just starting out, it can be tough to see more than five years out. But setting your sights on tomorrow is one of the key ways to achieve the financial future you want and deserve.

Set Your Goal

Is your goal to have a family? Work from home? Live in a bigger home? Start a new career? Whatever it is, set the goals necessary to get there. Write them out. Just don't forget about the financial side of those goals, including: your debt to income ratio, credit history, and more.

Your Debt To Income Can Make A Difference

Divide all of your monthly payments by your overall, gross monthly income and that will give you your debt to income ratio. That ratio shows you just how credit prudent you are and how well you adhere to or set a budget. By getting that number between 28 - 36% (including your mortgage), you stand a great chance of living whatever dream you foresee. All it takes at that point is a lot of saving and determination.

How Is Your Credit History?

Have you missed any payments? Are your cards maxed out? If so, you're not using credit wisely. To get a great credit rating, be sure to make every payment on time, keep your credit card usage under control and try not to overspend.

Call Us For Advice

Whenever you need help with your financial future, just call us at 503-813-3242 (toll free 866-813-3242) or stop by the branch. We'll be glad to help you get ahead financially.

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