About The Staff

Credit Union Professionals

Mirela Botoroaga

Member Service Representative

At the end of the day, Mirela knows that it's her member interactions that matter most. As she puts it, "At KaiPerm, we are concerned with our members' well-being and help them the best we can in order to develop a good, long-term relationship with them." A part of the KaiPerm family since 2000, Mirela is always improving her knowledge and cross-training to better serve every member she meets. She enjoys spending time with her family, going on vacations, reading and watching movies.

Peggy Doyle

Loan Officer

In 2005, Peggy joined the KaiPerm team and hasn't looked back since. "I like working here because there is never a dull moment," she explains. "I enjoy working with my co-workers as well as management. It feels great to walk away every day feeling satisfied that I helped a member achieve financial success." Peggy's philosophy of helping members can be seen in everything she does at the credit union. Even outside of work, Peggy gets involved in the community by participating in African drum classes, Boys of Distinction field trips, several baseball teams and more. She also enjoys spending time with her family.

Tina Helbig

Loan Officer

Providing service to members since 2000, Tina quickly moved up the ranks at KaiPerm Northwest Credit Union to become one of the most well known faces and voices in the credit union. She's passionate about helping the members attain financial success. Tina has even helped some members who were in complete emotional distress, providing comfort and professional support. "Around here, we take care of each other, worry about each other, and watch out for each other. And that includes the members." Says Tina. She enjoys spending time camping and going to the beach with family.

Wendy Korhonen

Accounting Specialist

Wendy has been with the credit union since 2001. She enjoys working with the members to help them help themselves. She's very enthusiastic about the credit union philosophy of people helping people. In her spare time, Wendy enjoys spending time with her family.

Angela Oscar

Member Service Representative

In 2006, Angela joined the KaiPerm team and quickly became an integral part of the cohesive mix. She quickly learned that the credit union family can often become part of a person's extended family. "Being in such a small office, we are able to provide a higher level of personal banking," says Angela. "We have some really great members and we get a chance to really get to know a lot about their needs." Angela tries to greet every member by name. And they really appreciate it. In her spare time, she spends time with her family camping, scrap booking, riding ATVs and critiquing anything Hollywood throws her way.

Sarah Oxford

Member Service Representative

Since coming to KaiPerm in 2005, Sarah has enjoyed the small, tight-knit team environment. But, as she puts it, the team is big enough to provide service to several thousand members. Her favorite part of the day is interacting with members and getting to know them, including cross training and learning new aspects of the operation. "We genuinely care about our members," says Sarah. "And I care about helping them get ahead financially." Sarah can be found after work camping, fishing, scrap booking, and creative writing.

Ed Waite


"Our credit union employees are strongly committed to the credit union mission," says Ed whenever asked about the KaiPerm way of life he’s enjoyed for 13 years now. In fact, spend just five minutes with Ed, and you’ll learn that he and his entire team are committed to helping members grow their financial health plan. “That’s the only reason we’re here,” says Ed. “Our goal is your financial success. Together we’re better.”  Ed’s hobbies include, traveling and golfing with his wife, as well as post WWII auto restoration and his KaiPerm blog, which you can read here.

Maria Zarate

Vice President

Since 1993, Maria has been helping exceed member expectations. She'll go out of her way to go to a member's workplace to deliver forms, checks, or even help them learn Virtual Branch Online Banking. "I think we are unique in that we want to help members with their financial success," explains Maria. "We offer excellent service and hope to make their financial experiences memorable in a positive way." Both near and far, members call Maria for her expertise and problem-solving prowess. After hours, Maria can be found with her family enjoying baseball and anything else that brings them together.

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