Important News: New Main Branch Update (10.31.18)

We work together to create a great banking experience for Kaiser Permanente employees and health plan members.

Portland, Oregon

We work together to create a great banking experience for Kaiser Permanente employees and insurance holders.

Portland, Oregon

Banking like you wouldn’t believe!

Direct Advantage Banking Package

The most alluring, all-in-one package of banking services ever, with features and benefits that will totally knock your socks off! For instance, it pays 6% interest on funds up to $1,000 in your “DA” checking account! Go to Services

Online Banking

Complete, state-of-the-art banking services with total anytime/anywhere, right-here/right-now convenience. It’s banking made almost too easy! Log in to Online Banking

A Solid Commitment from KPCU

We will listen, assist, advise, respond to and support every single member. In short, a driving intention to Help You Get Ahead Financially! Meet our team

Here are four great new products we are offering:

3 Year CD

In addition to our other great CDs, a three-year certificate will allow the credit union to lock in deposit rates while providing a competitive rate for members.

New Auto Loan Rate

A special low rate for Direct Advantage members with great credit. Other DA members still get a low rate when getting their loan through the Credit Union.

Borrow to Save

KaiPerm CU will deposit money into a savings account for you. That money will gain interest until you pay it back!

$1000 Line of Credit

Direct Advantage members can now obtain up to a $1000 unsecured line of credit and a low interest rate.

“I’m a proud KPCU member for over 40 years with multiple accounts. Not enough words to compliment the staff. They are the BESTProfessional, courteous, and ALWAYS provide service with a smile. Auto loans, HELOC, balance transfers, cashiers checks, troubleshooting the website. They come to my rescue! I only do banking with KaiPerm. No need to look elsewhere.”

– Sharon W.

What is going on at KaiPerm?

Holiday Skip A Pay is Here!

Download the 2018 form

New KPB 1st Floor Branch is Now Open!

The new KaiPerm branch located on the first floor is now open for member transactions. We had a successful opening on Wednesday, April 18th, and members can now stop by for deposits, withdrawals, transfers, or any Member Service Requests. For loans and new accounts, please continue to visit the 3rd-floor branch.

If you are not sure where the new branch is located, just come to the south side of the Kaiser Permanente Building. You will find our door facing NE Hassalo Street.

The phone number for the new branch is 503.813.3211. Feel free to call for Member Service assistance.

For more information contact a Friendly Member Service Representative at 503.813.3242. They will be happy to help.

Mobile Banking Apps

We have two apps to help you take care of banking on the go. Both Apps are available on both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. You can search for them in your App Store or use the links below.

The first is the Kaiperm NW Credit Union App

This app allows you to:

  • Pay Your Bills
  • Check All Account Balances
  • Transfer Between Accounts
  • Review/Verify All Transactions
  • Make Mortgage and Loan payments
  • Protect Your Accounts With Safety Alerts

The second app is CardValet and allows you to manage your Debit Card!

Learn more at

Are You Saving Money?

Stashing away a little each month? You should, of course! Every financial advisor in the country will tell you that. But the answer for most of us is- not really.

Three reasons we don’t save:

  1. Not yet in the habit
  2. Not yet looking down the road
  3. Not much return these days on money saved

We’ll work with you on #1 and #2, but check out what we can do for you on #3 on our Savings page.

Donation to Doernbecher

The KaiPerm team with their Doernbecker's donation.

Pat yourselves on the back…you’re part of this, too!

Doernbecher is one of the leading children’s hospitals in the country. It is supported by Kaiser Permanente. It’s also a favorite charity of local credit unions- so much that we (credit unions) have our own wing there.

In our particular case, the funds represented above were accumulated from your skip-a-pay member donations and from our own employee donations (the little bits we pay into the kitty to allow ourselves to wear non-business attire on Friday). This sure makes all of us feel good. We hope you’re feeling it, too! Check out their website to see what we are supporting:

Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

Is it Time to Refinance?

With rates so low, many KPCU members have gained financially by switching to a KPCU 15 year* mortgage loan. So what’s your current rate?

Call us to find out what our current rates are and how much of a difference a refi can make!

We hold our 15-year refi loans in house so much less paperwork is involved!

* We also help members with 30-year originating and refi loans. We work these in conjunction with our local working partner- Consolidated CU.

2018 Annual Meeting Photos and Info

Check out the photo gallery from the 2018 Annual Meeting and information as well.

Visit the page

Read the 2017 Annual Report

It’s our annual report…your annual report, actually! As a member, you are also one of the owners of this banking cooperative. Included are all the financials regarding KPCU’s overall operation. If you have any questions about anything please contact member services.

2017 Annual Report

Get Adobe Reader for PDFs

“My husband and I have been members of the Kaiperm Credit Union for many years. They have ALWAYS been there to meet our financial needs. We have many accounts with them and always feel that our funds are safe and secure. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. They go out of their way to support our requests in a timely manner. Thank you so much for all that you do/have done for us!”

– Cindy L.

“I have been a member of KaiPerm Credit Union for many years now and have always had great customer service from everyone at both branches. The employees always greet me by name when I come through the door, they are consistently pleasant and go out of their way to provide excellent customer service when I have questions or concerns about my accounts. I am always treated with respect and every experience has been a pleasant one.  I highly recommend KaiPerm Credit Union.”

– Lisa S.

“I love my credit union…The staff is always professional, courteous and kind. When I was looking to purchase a new car, I had the worse experience at the car dealership and I mentioned this while handling some business at the credit union. They informed me of their process, introduce me to a broker and a few weeks later, I received a call that they had found a new car, just for me. I was so happy, and they had done all the work for me. I have had nothing but a great experience every time I walk into or call the credit union. They are the best!”

– Ron S.

We look forward to helping you bank like you won't believe!

If you are visually impaired and having difficulties reading our website, please contact us at 971.266.4900 for further assistance.