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There are so many reasons to do all your banking with us, but our Direct Advantage package tops the list!

Direct Advantage members receive an extra 10 basis points on Certificates of Deposit and Money Market accounts, you also receive 2% lower interest on most loans!

Our “Direct Advantage” package of banking services is a little bit of everything in just a single account! Our overall goal is to help you thrive financially— and this is just the first step. Just say “Yes” to Direct Deposit (100%) of your paycheck or Social Security check— and everything below is yours:

Direct Advantage Checking


Earn interest on checking account funds? Who does that? WE do! In fact, we pay a whopping 8% APR dividend on your first $1,000 each month, and we continue to pay 0.11% on amounts over that.* Again, who does that? No one else in the entire world of banking!


Look around— you’ll see banks charging $8-$12-$20 per month for checking services. But our DA account— no monthly charge!


It’s a huge convenience…and frankly, one of our most popular features! We’ll help you with the set-up process.


Worry no more about keeping a certain amount of money in your account just to avoid a monthly fee.


This is where it gets really expensive at most other places (like $25-to-$40 each time!). But here we pull funds from your savings or line-of-credit (see under “Your Borrowing”) to temporarily cover any overdraft (at no charge!).***


On-line banking— yes!
Charges for any of this— no!
E-statements— yes!
Bill-Pay— yes!
Debit card— yes!
Mobile Banking— yes!

Direct Advantage Savings


Money Market & Holiday Club accounts earn higher rates (check our dividend rates for specifics).


Better rates, too, on regular & Roth IRA accounts and certificates (check our dividend rate sheet for specifics).

Direct Advantage Borrowing


Unbelievable! And when you do any balance transfer.…you’ll have a choice of
5.99% for the life of the Balance Transfer or 0% for 6 months with a 1% transfer fee.


Yes, our rates are already competitive…but your DA account makes your KaiPerm Northwest Credit Union loan even better!**


Direct Advantage members with a credit score of at least 740 can now obtain up to a $1000 unsecured line of credit and a low interest rate (all without a credit application)***


Simple, easy and automatic. Just set and forget!****


Whether you are looking for pre-approval, ready to buy, or refinance, you can now use our online mortgage application to get the process started!

…and More


$5 (not $15) for US / $25 (not $35) for international wires.


Lost your debit card or cracked it in your pocket? No fee for replacing the card or PIN.


* Your Board of Directors sets dividend rates each month. Rates may change at these times.
** Your Board of Directors sets loan rates each quarter. Rates may change at these times.
*** This credit service kicks in if/when funds are not available in any of your selected KPCU accounts— it covers you for any NSF item(s) up to $500. NSF items in excess of $500 are returned to the transferring source. If you have a separate, established Line-of-Credit with KPCU, any over-balance items will be covered (up to your credit limit) from your in-place LOC account. Questions?…Call us!
**** To initiate your LOC, just call or e-mail. We’ll get right back with you and take it from there.

“As a longtime KaiPerm Member, I am extremely satisfied with all their loan services and with the ease of using their online banking. I make it a point though to also stop by for their staffs’ friendly greetings. Of considerable importance is that KaiPerm’s Mission statement aligns with mine.”

– Hjalmer L.

All Account and Services


Our Direct Advantage Account

It’s more than checking! It’s a complete package of banking services in a single account— that pays a hefty 8% dividend on balances of up to $1,000 (and .11% on amounts above that)! To have all this, just sign on for Direct Deposit of your paycheck (100%) and do your everyday banking online. Which, by the way, is good! 

See above!

Complete Online Banking!

It’s full-service banking…wherever you are, whenever you want.

Pay Your Bills Online

Don’t write checks, address envelopes or buy stamps! Pay your bills online. Log in to online banking, click on “Pay Bills” and go from there. Do it once…you’ll never want to do it any other way.

Freedom Checking

If it’s just a plain checking account you need— or a second or third checking account— this is it. It’s free (no monthly fee) if you keep at least $100 on deposit at KPCU at all times (otherwise, it’s $2.25/month).

Paycheck Direct Deposit

Come payday, your funds are in, ready and waiting! No standing in line to cash a paycheck ever again. If you don’t work for Kaiser, you can still have direct deposit— just give the KaiPerm routing number (323-07-5356) to your payroll department. They’ll have your paycheck routed right to your account. (Or contact us, we’ll help get it done!)

VISA Debit Cards

A KaiPerm Debit Card gives you access to your checking account. A sensible way to purchase things— the transaction, date and amount is recorded for you…a detailed record of your spending. Use it anywhere VISA is accepted – even most ATMs.


Get this app for your mobile device…and turn your Debit Card on or off (make it active or inactive) whenever you want! You can also limit your card to certain spending amounts, certain stores, even certain geographical areas…view transactions as they happen…manage card-spending of others (kids?)…protect your card against fraud and misuse. Download CardValet for either Android or iOS. Call us (971-266-4900 x1) if you need help. Go to to learn more.

VISA Credit Cards

Just about everyone has a credit card— usually more than one. But our card is definitely the one to have…with an interest rate well below market. No annual fee for “DA” members. Let us transfer your higher rate credit card balances to a KaiPerm Credit Card.

Prepaid VISA Cards

So— you don’t have a checking account, but you want to order things from the Internet. Just load one of these cards with a prepaid amount of cash, and you’re set! You can add funds anytime. You can give one as a gift (wedding or graduation?), or load one with a weekly or monthly allowance for your children. Another idea— hold yourself to a tight spending plan by depositing a set amount of money each month for routine expenses.

Verified By VISA

This service is optional, but it applies to your VISA credit or debit card and provides an added load of protection for your credit and identity. And it’s so easy to confirm! All you have to do to register your card(s) is go to the Verified By Visa webpage and follow several simple instructions. It’s a one-time step, but well worth doing.

ATM Cards & Locations

We have five ATMs located at Kaiser facilities: the KP Building (currently closed), Interstate, Beaverton, and 2 at Sunnyside. But you can also use any MoneyPass ATM anywhere in the U.S. (MoneyPass ATM Map Website) to be taken to their map, enter the zip code for wherever you are, and find the closest one. (You can also download the MoneyPass app which will do this for you as well). If it’s just a savings account you have at the credit union, we can give you a plastic card that will let you access your funds through an ATM.

Fund Transfers

We can set up one-time or recurring transfers (automatic payments). We can also send funds to other financial institutions for you.

Notary Service

We will authenticate your signature for legal documents— a free service for all KaiPerm Northwest CU members. This is one time you’ll have to stop at a branch to complete this service.

Mobile Money

If your phone sends/receives text messages, you can use it to access your account information, check your balances and review recent activity with Mobile Money. Sign up for this by logging on to your online banking connection. Click on “Extra Features,” then on “Mobile Money,” then on “Add a new device.” Just enter your phone number. You’ll get a text message back with an activation code. Clicking on the code links your mobile phone to your account. Added Feature: If your phone includes a web browser, you can also select “Mobile Browser Banking” from the link we send during registration. Note: All major U.S. carriers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile®, U.S. Cellular®, Verizon) support this service, but some carriers charge for outgoing text messages or each message sent and received. If your carrier is not one of these, you may want to check to make sure you can use these services.

Reorder Checks

Please visit Main Street (external site) to reorder checks. Allow seven to ten business days for your new checks to arrive. If you are having any issues please call 971.266.4900 ext. 1 for assistance.


Zelle is a fast, safe, easy and contact-free way to send and receive money with friends, family and others you trust. You can receive money directly into your bank account in minutes. In can be found under the “Pay Bills” tab within online banking.


Our Holiday Skip-A-Payment feature

Each year—from November through January—KPCU offers members a chance to skip one monthly payment (two consecutive pay periods) on any currently active auto, motorcycle, boat, RV or personal loan. (Note: equity, real estate, PAL, holiday, VISA and NWP recruitment loans are not included in this program). To qualify, your loan must be up to date, with at least three consecutive months on record. If you have more than one qualifying loan, they are all eligible for this special credit union service.

Auto Loans

Let us help you finance your car or truck (it’s what we do!). And unlike elsewhere, our rates are the same no matter whether you’re planning to buy new or used. Our advice— let’s arrange for your loan before you shop. You’ll find this to be a tremendous advantage in your favor when making your deal. No age limit on used cars or trucks and your loan can be for up to seven years, depending on your qualifications and the vehicle age.

Auto-Buying Service

Auto Mentors: As a KPCU member, you have access to Dale Gordon, KPCU’s personal Auto Mentor. He will help you with your new or used vehicle search, trade-in evaluation, negotiate price, handle your trade-in, coordinate financing, and even deliver it directly to you. It’s about convenience. It’s about savings. It’s about time! Go to Dale’s KPCU webpage or call him at 503-380-8282 and let him know you are a KPCU member. And also, connect with us to arrange a pre-approved auto loan…to sharpen your auto-buying experience just that much more!

RV, Boat, Motorcycle Loans

We will finance your RV or boat loan at the same rate as a new or used vehicle loan.

Personal Loans

From consolidation loans that help combine all your bills into an easy-to-manage payment, to a line of credit for any need, we’re here to help.

Home Mortgages

If you’re buying a new home or refinancing your current house— check with us. Count on us to get the task done quickly— often in two to three weeks! Qualify, and we can show you all of your term and rate options. Learn more about what you need when buying a new home, refinancing and more. We’ve put together some calculators to help you estimate payments, compiled some info to help you understand the process and more.

You can also now fill out our online mortgage application!

Line Of Credit Loans

If you have a “DA” account, you already have a line of credit, for $500. This service protects you against possible overdrafts of your checking account. But you can have a personal Line Of Credit loan for a larger amount to use whenever you need special amounts of cash. There are no interest charges until you draw and use any amount of the available credit balance. A good way to avoid paying higher interest rates elsewhere! (740 credit score required)

Home Equity Loans

You might love your home, but what if you could add another bedroom, update the kitchen, or landscape the backyard? With a KaiPerm Northwest Credit Union Home Equity Loan, you can do it. All it takes is a little equity and your dreams.

Rental Property Loans

Call or stop by a branch and ask about financing your own rental properties. Already own your own rental? We can help you tap your equity for other worthwhile loans. Just stop by and ask.

Insurance to Protect Your Loan

We offer single and joint credit life and disability insurance for most loans. GAP and Mechanical Breakdown insurance are also available for pennies a day. Best of all, this protection can all be added to your monthly payments. Just ask about insuring your loan. See your loan officer for more information.


Regular Savings

Should you save money? Absolutely! Saving some of what you earn over time is a smart thing to do. As a member, you have a Savings (Share) account. What’s great about this account is its simplicity. Keep an aggregate KaiPerm share account balance of $100 and you won’t pay any fees while earning a dividend. Interest is compounded monthly.

Special Purpose (Holiday Club?) Savings

When you have a special reason to save money (a family vacation, maybe, or Christmas, or college or whatever) we can set up an additional savings, account for you. With our Holiday Club Savings plan, you make automatic deposits each month, and receive a check from us in December for holiday shopping. Your funds are held separate from your regular savings, you’ll earn dividends, and you’ll have specific money ready for you when you need it. This is also a good way to build up for your yearly property taxes.

Money Market Accounts


Open a Money Market Account with $2,500 and earn higher returns. You are allowed three withdrawals per month without penalties.  Interest is compounded monthly.


High Yield Money Market Accounts

The High Yield Money Market Account starts with a $15,000 deposit, and earns some great dividends and allows you to write checks against the balance (up to three checks per month). Direct Advantage members earn an additional .05% APY (Annual Percentage Yield). Interest is compounded monthly.

Certificates of Deposit

These are term savings accounts— for 3 months, 6 months, 1/2/3 year periods— that pay higher-than-regular-savings interest.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

We have two kinds of IRAs: Traditional and Roth. With a Traditional IRA, you save pre-tax dollars. You don’t pay income tax on these funds until you make qualified withdrawals (after age 62, when your tax bracket is likely to be lower). A Roth IRA is funded with post-tax dollars. Dividends are tax-free at retirement. Interest is compounded monthly.

IRA Certificates Of Deposit

$1,000 minimum opening balance. Interest compounded annually or at the term of the CD. Terms: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months.

Educational Savings Account

Known as a Coverdell Education IRA, this account allows after-tax contributions with a high annual limit per child. And you can keep adding to it until they are 18. Earnings in this account are tax-free if distributions are used for tuition, equipment, fees, or room and board. It’s one of the easiest ways to help save for a child’s school expenses, whether it’s for college, trade school or simply necessary expenses in high school.

For Kids: Johnny Appleseed Account

Start the young people in your life saving early with the KaiPerm Johnny Appleseed Account. Just $50 to open. And every penny deposited will continue to grow until they need it. Interest is compounded monthly.

Automatic Transfers (to savings)

We say it all the time— everyone should hold on to some of the money they earn. The best way to do it…the easiest, most painless way…is to take a bit “off the top” of every paycheck and push it into your savings account. And that’s what we can do for you with automatic transfers. Tell us how much to transfer and how often and watch your personal savings build over time. Thousands and thousands of credit union members have done it this way. Let us do it for you as well.


* Your Board of Directors sets dividend rates each month. Rates may change at these times.
** Your Board of Directors sets loan rates each quarter. Rates may change at these times.
*** This credit service kicks in if/when funds are not available in any of your selected KPCU accounts— it covers you for any NSF item(s) up to $500. NSF items in excess of $500 are returned to the transferring source. If you have a separate, established Line-of-Credit with KPCU, any over-balance items will be covered (up to your credit limit) from your in-place LOC account. Questions?…Call us!
**** To initiate your LOC, just call or e-mail. We’ll get right back with you and take it from there.

We look forward to helping you bank like you won't believe!