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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most frequently-asked questions. If you don’t find your particular question below, contact us.

I've lost my debit/credit card what do I do?

Two things . . .

First: Contact us right away during normal business hours! After hours…call these numbers:

  • Debit card— 1-800-472-3272.
  • Credit card—1-877-364-4019.

Second:  Visit our Ambassador branch and we can replace your debit or credit card the same day!

How do I sign up for Online Banking?

It’s quick, easy, and absolutely painless! We send you a form— you fill out, sign it, and send it back. We link all of your accounts to your secure Log-in ID. and then will send an e-mail to get you “in” and running. From then on, you’ll go straight to your personal accounts (all of them!) just by opening the KPCU site and entering your Log-in ID. You’ll be asked to verify your “Security Phrase” (you establish it at your first time sign-in), and then enter your Security Code (“password”). That’s all there is to it.

How do I get started with Bill Pay?

Bill Pay service is free to all “Direct Advantage” members. Non-“DA” members pay $3.95/month for this service (to cover the costs of our data processing vendor on your behalf). If you did not include this service when you when you signed on to Online Banking, you will need to sign up for Bill Pay. The following day you can go to your online account (see above), click on the “Pay It” tab, then select your checking account and the “schedule payment” button. When you log in this first time, you’ll be prompted to answer a few questions that will help us protect your identity both online and off. Then, once you enter some information about bills you pay regularly, you’re ready to pay all your bills from now on with just a click.

When I pay with Bill Pay, how long does it take for them to receive the payment?

Generally two to five days. Most merchants are set up to receive electronic payments, these will go through quickly. It might take a bit longer the first time, or if you are sending to a private party (this goes regular mail).

How do I sign up for E-Statements?

When you sign into your Online Banking account, go to the “Self Service” tab, click “eStatements”. That’s it. From then on, an e-mail notice of your monthly “DA” account statements will arrive automatically in your mailbox (make sure we always have your current e-mail address!). You can review them online, download and paste them into a running spreadsheet (we highly recommend doing this!)…but do look them over just in case there’s something to question. And if there is, “let’s connect!”

What is your credit union's routing number?

Our routing number is 323075356. This is the number you give to another bank or your employer, Social Security Agency (along with your own account number) to have them transfer funds into your account.

What’s the deal on ATMs?

The credit union has four of its own ATMs:

Interstate Medical Office South • 3500 North Interstate Ave. in Portland • Withdrawals/Deposits

**Currently Unavailable** KaiPerm Northwest Building (KPB) • 500 NE Multnomah in Portland (3rd Floor) • Withdrawals

Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center (KSMC) • 10180 SE Sunnyside Road in Clackamas • Withdrawals/Deposits

Westside Medical Center, 1st Floor • 2875 NW Stucki Ave, Hillsboro • Withdrawals/Deposits

We are also connected to the nationwide MoneyPass system (25,000 ATMs throughout the country, really! All of them provide surcharge-free access to cash). Go to this link, enter the zip code for wherever you are, and you’ll quickly get a map showing the nearest cash machines.

How do I order more checks?

Please visit Main Street (external site) to reorder checks. Allow seven to ten business days for your new checks to arrive. If you are having any issues please call 971.266.4900 ext. 1 for assistance.

How do I wire funds?

We have a simple form for you to fill out and sign. Call or e-mail us and we will send it to you. You will need the routing number of the financial institurion and account # of the person you are sending the funds to, along with any special wire-sending instructions from the receiving bank. We do need your signature on the form. The PDF form we send will allow you to include a photocopy of your sig (and will help you produce one if you don’t have one ready).

How much does it cost to send a wire?

Anywhere in the U.S.: $5 for “DA” members, $15 for non-“DA” members. Overseas: $25 for “DA” members, $35 for non-“DA” members.

What do I do to have a wire sent to me?

The person or source paying you needs these three things:

  1. Our clearinghouse routing number (ABA #262090120)
  2. Our own KPCU routing number (ABA# 323075356)
  3. Your checking or savings account number.

If someone is wiring me money, how long will it take to post to my account?

Should take no more than a day. If they do it in the morning, it should be the same day. Fund transfers from overseas may take a bit more time.

How can I transfer money to someone else (i.e., my kids)?

Several options. The easiest way is to use our POP money feature on Virtual Branch (You must have a checking account).

If you and “someone else” are both KPCU members, it’s easy. We can help you with this— call us. If the other party does banking elsewhere, you have several options. One is to do it through Bill Pay (from your Online Banking account). Allow a few days for the funds to arrive at the other end. Or we can do it for you with a wire transfer. In either case, these can be done as one-time transfers or set up as monthly payments. Depends on how quickly you need it to happen.

How do I do a “stop payment” on a check I’ve issued?

Contact us. We’ll help you with this.

What if I see a problem on my checking or credit card statement?

Contact us right away. The sooner the better!

Are my accounts insured?

Absolutely! All your deposit accounts— Checking/Savings/Money-Markets/CDs— are collectively insured up to $250,000 by NCUA (National Credit Union Association, an agency of the Federal Government). IRA accounts are separately insured up to $250,000 as well. We can help you insure additional funds with a separate or joint account.  Just give us a call.

What if I want to add someone to one of my accounts?

No problem! Just connect with us— we can do it for you. We will need a form signed by you and your new banking partner, but that’s it.

What if my home address, e-mail address or phone number changes?

Let us know right away. Sooner the better! But for security purposes (to be sure it’s really you!) we need it in writing, with your signature included. (Yep, there’s a form for that too.)

Can I do online banking from outside the country?

Yes, just as long as you have access to a computer with a secure Internet connection.

What is my credit report? Can I get a copy?

Your credit report is a summary of your borrowing history, showing your past and present loans, credit cards and any problems (late payments, non-payments, etc.) that might have been associated with any of them. Banks, CUs, Credit Card issuers, Auto Dealers, Mortgage Brokers rely on these to know if you are “safe” as a credit risk. These records are gathered and kept by three different sources: TransUnion, Equifax, Experian. And yes, you can get a copy— you are entitled to a copy of your credit standing from each of these sources once each year. You should do it if only to make sure that the information about you and your credit circumstance is accurate. Go to this site—

How do you determine loan eligibility?

We base it on your current credit status, your ability to make your monthly payments, your overall payment history, your collateral and more. (See note about credit report above.) But our business is that of helping you to have the loan you need. We’re more inclined to say “yes” rather than “no.” So count on us working with you to that end.

How do I close account(s) elsewhere and move it/them to KPCU?

Best thing to do, connect with us and let us do it for you. Again, you’ll sign an authorization form, we do the work and let you know when it’s done.

Looks like my credit/debit card is about to expire— what do I do?

Nothing! Your new card should arrive in good time before your present one expires. But if things are getting too close, then, yes, call us.

What happens to my KPCU membership if I no longer work for Kaiser?

Nothing changes. “Once a member, always a member!” (Unless something goes really wrong!)

What do I need to do to be approved for an auto loan?

Contact us, apply on line, we’ll usually let you know same day.

How long does it take to get an approval for an auto loan?

If you already have a loan with us, we can often process another one for you in a few hours. Even if you are a first-time borrower, expect a same-day answer. Once we have received your application, we will jump right on it and will call you with any further questions we have, or just to confirm that you’ve been approved.

Why are your new and used vehicle rates identical?

When making loans, we’re not looking at the matter of collateral as much as we look to see how we can help you. We think that having one rate for most loans, it is easier for you to compare your financing options and get the best deal.

How much can I borrow?

We’ll loan for any worthwhile purpose. We will always show you how much you should consider borrowing to maintain a positive credit status.

How much will my monthly payment be?

This will depend on the amount of your loan, the annual percentage rate on that loan and the number of months of the loan. We’ll show you the amount you could save each month by extending the terms.

Can my loan payment be withdrawn automatically from one of my accounts?

Yes, this is one benefit of being a DA member. Your loan can be automatically paid each month from the account of your choice. We strongly recommend this!

What mortgage loans do you offer?

We offer both first and second, 15- and 30-year mortgages. We also offer home equity loans and lines-of-credit. If you’re looking to buy a home valued at more than $417,000, we offer “jumbo” loans, too. We’ll help you decide which option is right for you.

How quickly can you process a home loan?

We try to process these loans in two weeks or less. There are certain conditions and requirements that must be met over which we have little or no control (appraisal, title report, etc.), but we should be able to give you a conditional pre-approval. Contact us.

How do I close my accounts?

Did you know that you can do all your business with KaiPerm electronically?  Why not keep your account with us? If you would still like to close your accounts, please contact us.

We look forward to helping you bank like you won't believe!