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Rates & Fees

Direct Advantage (“DA”) Checking:

Earn 8.0% on first $1,000— then .11% on amounts over $1,000.

Dividends paid monthly. For other “DA” advantages see below. Read more about Direct Advantage.

Current Rates as of July 1, 2024

Full rate and fee tables are best viewed on computers on tablets, please view the PDF while using a mobile device.

Dividends Earned On Savings


Type“DA” rate*/APYNon-“DA” rate*/APYMinimum BalanceDividends Paid
Regular Savings0.10%0.10%$100Monthly
Johnny Appleseed0.10%0.10%$50Monthly
IRA— Traditional & Roth0.20%0.20%$5Monthly
Money Market Account0.30%0.20%$2,500Monthly
High Yield Money Market Account0.50%0.30%$15,000Monthly
High Yield Money Market Account0.70%0.70%$50,000Monthly
High Yield Money Market Account3.10%3.10%$100,000Monthly
Education Savings Account4.50%4.50%$5Monthly
Holiday Club Account0.20%0.10%$5Annually
3-Month Certificate of Deposit (CD)0.50%/0.50%0.40/0.40%$1,000At Maturity
6-Month Certificate of Deposit (CD)1.30%/1.30%1.05/1.05%$1,000At Maturity
7-Month Certificate of Deposit (CD)5.10%/5.15%N/A$25,000At Maturity
16-Month Certificate of Deposit (CD)4.50%/4.53%N/A$100,000At Maturity
1-Year Certificate of Deposit (CD)see below1.10/1.10%$1,000At Maturity
1-Year Certificate of Deposit (CD)3.75%/3.75%N/A$1,000At Maturity
1-Year Certificate of Deposit (CD)4.90%/4.90%N/A$25,000At Maturity
16-Month Certificate of Deposit (CD)4.75%/4.79%N/A$25,000Annually
2-Year Certificate of Deposit (CD)1.70%/1.70%1.40%/1.40%$1,000Annually
3-Year Certificate of Deposit (CD)2.00%/2.00%1.70%/1.70%$1,000At Maturity


* APY: Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is the same as stated rate unless otherwise noted

  • DA Members earn up to 10 basis points more on certificate of Deposits and Money Market Accounts.
  • Your savings are federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. government agency.
  • Your Board of Directors sets dividend rates each quarter. Rates may change at these times.


Interest Rates: Loans, Credit Cards, etc.

Type“DA” rateNon-“DA” rate
VISA Credit Card9.95%11.95%
New/Used Auto, RV, Boat, Motorcycle Loans
(title required)
Promo 7.20%*
Personal Line of Credit
(variable rate— subject to change quarterly)
Debt consolidation/Creditor Payoffs
(vehicle title required)
Personal Loan
(Signature loan)
Home Equity Line-of-Credit7.500%/7.500%APR
First Mortgage – Purchase 30-year6.875%/7.098%APR
First Mortgage – Refinance 15-year5.990%/6.176%APR
Real estate loan rates are subject to change daily – Call us for today’s rates
*DA Promo rate offered for credit scores 720 and higher. Must finance through KaiPerm. No dealer or CUDL financing.
– Your Board of Directors sets loan rates each quarter. Rates may change at these times.

Fees & Charges

NSF/Returned Item Fee*$19$23
Stop Payment Fee$19$23
Photocopies Of ChecksFree$2
Check PrintingVariesVariesPrice depends on check style
Credit Card/Loan Payment Late Charge$5$5or 20% of past due payment, whichever is greater
Credit Card Over-Limit Fee$25$25
ATM WithdrawalsFreeFreeAt KPCU or MoneyPass ATMs
ATM Withdrawals/Non-affiliated ATMs$1.50/ea$1.50/eaAfter first 5 per month
ATM Balance Inquiries$1$1Free online
ATM/Debit or Credit Card Issue/ReplacementFree$10
ATM/Debit or Credit Card RenewalFree$10
Prepaid Debit Card$3.50$3.50Plus deposit ($8.50 for personalized cards)
Home Equity Application Fee$50$50
Payday Alternative Loan Fee$20$20
Loan Late Charge$5$5Or 20% of past due payment, whichever is greater
NSF Loan PaymentFree$23
Statement: Replacement (copy)Free$2 Per statement
Temporary Checks$0$0New checking accounts receive four
Outgoing Wire/U.S.$5$15
Outgoing Wire/International$25$35
Corporate DraftsFree$3Merchant replacement of member check $5
Deposit Balance Below $100 (Aggregate)No Fee$4/mo
Deposit Balance for Youth below $50 (Aggregate)Free$2.25/mo
Document CopiesFree$10
Legal Process$20$20Garnishment, levy, etc.
*NSF (Non-Sufficient Fund): Is when your account drops to a zero or negative balance and a check you write or loan payment you owe cannot be covered. (However, if you have a sufficient balance in your “DA” line-of-credit, you will be automatically covered.) Returned item: When a check you receive/deposit into one of your accounts is returned to the credit union from an outside source as not payable.

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